What is Sports Kenjutsu?

Sports Kenjutsu is the first module that all practitioners will begin with. Here, practitioners will be introduced to the basic tenets of modern Japanese swordsmanship. This includes the basics of sword handling, etiquette, and cutting techniques. Sparring is also introduced to expose the practitioner to the fundamentals of engagement.


NihontoDo practitioners are expected to don a white gi that is tied on the waist with a colored belt. The colored belt represents their grade in the art. The equipment used in Sports Kenjutsu include the following:

  • bokken (a wooden sword used during kihon practice)
  • choken (a padded sword used during sparring)
  • helmet

Who can take up Sports Kenjutsu

Sports Kenjutsu is a basic-level module for practitioners below black belt.

How is it different from other modules?

Fundamental sword techniques will be imparted to the practitioners in the Sports Kenjutsu module. This is done through a set of basic movements called “Kihon” that will be expanded upon and revised time and again as they progress through the art. For many, these movements do not come naturally and it takes a fair bit of practice before they get it right.