What is BattoDo?

BattoDo translates to “way of drawing the sword” and is an advanced module in the art of NihontoDo. In this module, practitioners will learn how to draw, cut and sheathe a steel sword properly and safely (as opposed to practicing with wooden bokken in less advanced modules).

There is a clear distinction between the objectives of BattoDo versus other kata-based sword practices, in that BattoDo is more combative in nature and simulates the aggression and intent involved in drawing the sword and engaging the opponent.

However, this doesn’t mean that form and etiquette are ignored. Rather, the emphasis is on being able to safely perform the kata while simulating an encounter with a virtual opponent. Hence, there is an emphasis in the way the sword is initially drawn, which is where the name of the module is derived from i.e. Batto (drawing the sword).


The equipment used in BattoDo are the Shinken and the Wakizashi.

Who can take up BattoDo

BattoDo is an advanced module in the art of NihontoDo, which means that only practitioners who have attained the rank of Shodan (and above) are allowed to practice it.

How is it different from other modules?

While the focus in Combative Kenjutsu is on conquering the opponent while sparring, here you will focus on conquering yourself as you perform kata simulating an encounter with a virtual enemy swordsman.