What is Combative Kenjutsu?

Combative Kenjutsu is an advanced module in the art of NihontoDo. Here, the full-contact nature of armoured samurai combat in a battlefield is simulated.

NihontoDo practitioners who opt to learn Combative Kenjutsu are expected to possess an adequate level of understanding of concepts such as distancing, timing and awareness in addition to having polished cutting techniques that were honed in Sports Kenjutsu.


You and your opponent will be wearing bogu (traditional armour) and will be using either shinai (a bamboo sword) or special fibreglass/polymer sparring tool.

Who can take up Combative Kenjutsu

Combative Kenjutsu is an advanced-level module in the art of NihontoDo, which means that only practitioners who have attained the rank of Shodan (and above) are allowed to practice it.

How is it different from other modules

There are several main differences between Combative Kenjutsu and Sports Kenjutsu. This includes equipment, the level of skill that one is expected to display and the array of techniques that practitioners will learn. This includes close-quarter engagement techniques such as locks, sweeps and take-downs for use within the katana’s minimum range.