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Welcome. If you’ve ever wanted to pick up skills in the areas of Japanese swordsmanship or unarmed self-defense, you’re in the right place.

Our training programmes were built around the need for accelerated learning with an emphasis on global principles that anyone can pick up quickly and easily. We believe that everyone should be able to learn, practice and master these systems with a sufficient amount of dedication and practice put in.

Contact us to find out more about the 3 separate systems that we offer, or to register for a free trial and be a part of our little community.

Modern, hybrid kenjutsu system
Way of the Japanese Sword


  • translated as “Way of the Japanese Sword”, it is a modern, hybrid kenjutsu system with techniques that are based on the use of the katana

Ballistic Defense

  • a simple and no-frills unarmed system that introduces the novice to the world of self-defense


  • a defensive knife system meant to improve the odds of survival during knife-on-knife encounters